Monkey Go Happy: The Castle

monkey go happy: The Castle

Being a monkey has never been such a traumatic experience if the Monkey Go Happy games are anything to go by. This instalment entails yet more puzzling action where a variety  of predicaments must be solved using a mixture of observation, logic, and common sense to get the unusually quirky job done and save the monkey from crying himself into a dehydrated raisin at the gravity of the whole situation.

Monkey Go Happy 5

monkey go happy 5

Most action-puzzle games simply follow the format of presenting you with a puzzle, asking you to solve it and move on, with the only reward being the satisfaction of logical triumph over the presented predicament. Monkey Go Happy 5 ensures that as well as the thrill of solving the puzzle, you are rewarded with the happiness of an initially-sad monkey. It is exactly how it sounds, so give it a go if you have any doubts.

PC Games

The site where you can play all the games that feature monkeys and popping balloons

The first game to feature both balloons and monkeys in a game was released in April 2007 and received an instant addictive response from the flash gaming comminity. This balloon monkey game is simple in nature, it takes a random animal - a monkey, a set of darts and floating colourful balloons and asks you to pop a certain percentage to complete each level of the game. The idea although very random proved to be the best concoction the flash games market has ever seen.

All the monkey balloons games now hold the same concept in mind and some have even branched off into other puzzle and defence games such a tower defence series, an arcade shooter and a pop 3 game.

The tower defence series by Ninjakiwi is well worth a mention, especially monkey td 3 and monkey td 4 update with both games being received extremely well amoungst the casual gaming crowd. Monkey tower defence 3 proved a huge hit and even today rivals the original bloons game.

Here fans get to build defence towers around a track in an attempt to stop balloons floating past the track and costing the player lives. The towers that are deployed feature a range of high and low powered tools and gadgets, all of which are designed to pop balloons. Again a fairly simple concept and one that does not deviate far from the first game.

Monkey tower defence 3 (official name Bloons Tower Defence 3) flourished from an already popular casual gaming brand developed by Ninjakiwi. With bloons being so popular it gave Ninjakiwi a platform to develop a sub set of games with the credibility of the Bloons brand. This guaranteed the games at least a reasonable level of success.

When the first of the TD monkey games was released fans of Bloons games went wild. When you look at the original Bloons tower defence game today, you will hardly be in awe of its design and game play when compared to monkey defence 4. However the Bloons brand almost dictated that fans should love this game not for what it is but what it belongs to.

This powerful brand popularity allowed Ninjakiwi to build upon the success of the first monkey defence game to bring out a second version which was a glorified extension of the first game at best. Having taken the lukewarm feedback from bloons fans who played the second game Ninjakiwi worked even harder to come up with the monkey defence 3 game. This time they hit the nail on the head. Not one of the big flash gaming sites failed to give Ninjakiwi above 80% for the game with many sites granting a mark above 90% for the 3rd in the tower defence series.

It was easy to see why. With the introduction of a huge tower defence selection, some elaborate upgrades and very tricky levels, BTD3 really did come at the commnity with all guns blazing.

Rolling back the years: The growth of the first game

What helped the first game grow so rapidly was Ninjakiwi's decision to release a webmaster version through a popular flash game publisher platform known as Mochi Ad's.

Here flash game developers can insert a preloading advert into their game and expose their game to thousands of web masters across the net. When any visitor on any site plays the game they will see the preloading advert and sometimes click on it. Ad impressions and ad clicks would then make additional money for flash game developers such as NinjaKiwi.

Having joined this program Ninjakiwi allowed the first Bloons monkey game to become available to other sites through Mochi Ad's which meant Bloons was soon being published and played on some of the biggest sites throughout the internet, a wise move that also saw the rapid growth of Miniclip!

Soon more games followed with:

  • 5 player packs
  • More bloons and even more bloons
  • Bloons 2 & Bloons 2 Christmas
  • An insanity pack
  • A pop 3 game
  • A hot air bloons game
  • 4 monkey tower defence games and 1 expansion to date
  • A balloons junior pack

All of which have now been shared via Mochi Media.

The games by Ninjakiwi have now even been brought to the iPhone via the iTunes website with over 150 levels to play!

Bloons World

With the balloon games doing incredibly well Ninjakiwi decided to create a fantastic balloon world where fans can create their own balloon levels!

At this site you can register as a user and start creating your own Bloons levels to share with other fans. Fans get to rate levels and also share them with other players. The more ratings you receive the higher your level is ranked at This means your user profile and level can become big news on their site!

Examples of how popular the games designed by fans can get are 'Soundwave' and 'PacMan' which have both been played over 5 million times each! These balloons levels involve a whole concoction of different balloons that you must pop to obtain nifty additional tools to overcome the levels.

Why not try create your own game and see how popular it can become?

Festive Game Coming to iPhone

Christmas 2009 saw the launch of another title with a twist of festive fun. Being priced at $0.99 means the game for the iPhone was a bargain and was downloaded by many fans!

Fans have already warmed to balloons on the iPhone with the grand design of the dart throwing technique using a simple touch screen.

Monkey Tower Defence has also been released on the iPhone making Bloons very much a home name already on the world's most popular mobile phone brand. Watch out for this game!

Monkey Tower Defence 4 Released - More Impressive Than Ever!

The wait for monkey tower defence 4 is over and this game boasts more tracks, more defence towers, more balloon types and more difficulty settings than ever before!

So what do all the big sites think about it? Score

The fans at have given it 88%. Score

Another big chief in the flash games market, fans have given monkey tower defence 4 (Bloons TD 4) a mark of 96%! Score

The grandfather of casual game reviews Jay Is Games has given monkey tower defence 4 a whopping 4.8 out of 5 or 96%. Score fans are known to be very critical of games and it takes a lot to impress their community and gain a high score. But monkey tower defence 4 had no problem impressing the fans getting a whopping 4.5 out of 5. Score

Bloons Tower Defense 4 has not yet been published on as of 3rd April 2010. Whether it will make its way to this flagship flash games site remains to be seen.