About Balloons Super Monkey

Welcome to the latest offering from Ninja Kiwi, Super Monkey! This is the sequel to all of the bloon flash games, including Power Packs and Tower Defense ones. Our beloved monkey makes an appearance in this game, complete with his pseudo SuperMan outfit. Now he can fly, he is really developing his skills. This is indeed a brilliant offering from Ninja Kiwi.

It is perhaps the most entertaining and amusing of them all, although not the most challenging it is certainly just as addictive, if not more so, than the original series of super monkey and Player Packs so if you are looking for pure fun you have selected the correct flash game. As with the Tower defense series here is no replay option for each level, it would have been a nice addition but you can proceed without it.

The graphics of balloons super monkey great, although a little demanding for some older PC's, but no doubt with the later more powerful PC's and other media they should be perfect, after all Ninja Kiwi have been doing some of the most popular games on the internet for over almost three years now and have literally millions of followers. In this new game monkey travels through five stages and fifteen waves and he fires automatically and the player just uses the mouse to guide him as he flies around his area looking for the now infamous Bloons, watch for the power-ups as your monkey travels around.

The upgrades are useful and fairly reasonable to "buy", the "esc" key accesses the upgrades and new weaponry. As with the original Bloon games you have a set target in each level and once you reach that target and achieve bronze you can move on to try to reach either silver or gold, different from the original games, this one has time limits as well as targets, but at least the ammo is limitless even if the upgraded weapons are far better.

Really the player needs to achieve gold because that gives a very good bonus in the balloons super monkey. Once again, in a similar way to the TD series the bloons come in a variety of ranked colors and the higher ranking ones will change to lower ones once popped. In this new Bloons adventure "money", more correctly known as "Power Bloops", comes from popped bloons and one needs to collect it to pay for upgrades, the best of which are monkey's side weapons, those being energy tentacles and missiles.

However, buy those with any extra money and let the upgrades to monkey's main weapon take preference; you can also upgrade three of monkey's skill levels. So, there we have it, the very latest offering from Ninja Kiwi, have fun with it, a nice, refreshing break from the Tower Defense series, much more light hearted and a game you can play to relax, except that with the "super-addiction" rating it gets the player better have a lot of relaxing time available. Definitely one of those games which shouldn't be started until after the "to-do" list is finished.