About Even more monkey balloons game

Helium filled fun in the next in the series of Bloons games. Following on from more monkey balloons, developers have packed 50 more levels of balloon popping fun.

Let's take a look and find out how to overcome some of the harder levels in even more monkey balloons.

Level 10, Double Bounce

Aim your first dart at the ice balloon; this will freeze up some of the balloons around it and will give you a platform. You should use these remaining balloons as a springboard to get the balloons on the other side. Aim toward the rubber angled platform, preferably hitting the second one; your aim is to hit one of the needle balloons which will take out the rest of the balloons.

Level 15, Up and Over

Even though you have the three darts to start, it's actually harder to complete this level with three darts then it is with just one. Aim for the angled rubber block in front of you, the aim is to hit the needle balloon above you; this will set off a chain. Your dart needs to continue and strike the red bomb balloon; otherwise the chain of balloons will release an orange spike balloon which will hit the ice balloon and render the level impossible.

Level 23, Revolver

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this level in the even more balloons game; you have five darts to hit four helium balloons. The way I completed the level was to hit the balloon closest with two darts in quick succession. Then I used my third dart to hit the two balloons in the middle and follow through to release the forth balloon, your forth dart must be used quickly to pick off the last remaining balloon. This is probably one of the toughest and most frustrating levels in the game.

Level 28, Ricochet

Use the power of the dart in this level. Release both your darts at full power and try and to hit the second rubber angle at the top of the maze. Release one of your darts to the left and the other dart to the right, this way you will be able to cover the majority of angles. You will probably only hit about 50 52 of the balloons however this is enough to complete the level.

Level 30, Scooper

First, hit the rubber angle at the left of the level, your objective is to try to get your dart to go vertically up, this will release the orange spike ball, which will get the majority of the balloons down the bottom. If your dart is vertical then the dart will follow down and pop the helium balloon which is a bonus, however, if it does not hit the helium balloon then pick off as it comes up. Do exactly the same to the right.

Even more monkey balloons game has brought 50 more levels to the Bloons series. Helium balloons are the norm here and this makes it extremely complicated and frustrating to complete, as you're timing generally has to be much more on point then usual.