Banana Kong 2 Mobile Game - Potential Sequel Ideas and Improvement Suggestions

banana kong 2 mobile game

It's not every day you get to run from an avalanche of ordinarily good-for-your-health fruit, but the banana avalanche of Banana Kong is a danger that you the player must avoid whilst running endlessly to score points and power-ups. Unfortunately, the original game wasn't as thrilling as perhaps it could have been, coming up at around or only slightly above average in the seemingly infinite sea of endless running games that swim around the App Store and Google Play. That's not to say that Banana Kong 2 doesn't have the potential to be quite the simian-themed ride however; below are some suggestions for the sequel that could improve things substantially.

A Matter of Pace and Fluidity

Remember the unbelievably challenging pace of the carpet ride when escaping the wave of lava behind you in Aladdin (for the SNES)? Or perhaps you may cast your mind back a little to the pace of Madcoaster, which was a lot more challenging than the relatively benign tempo of Banana Kong. These examples are the kind of pace that one needs in an endless runner for the action break the "okay" barrier and edge into the realms of "damn, that's some good gaming right there". Even if the pace was cranked up a little to that of the well-known browser-based runner Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal there would be more excitement.

That isn't to say that Banana Kong 2 should simply hit the fast-forward button on the gameplay however. This would result in a rather jerky and awkward bit of gameplay that would be basically unplayable. The original Banana Kong simply isn't fluid enough to simple have it sped up. The gameplay just doesn't flow as well or as smoothly as the aforementioned Madcoaster, another issue that the developers will have to work on if they are to build a foundation for the faster pace that is required of Banana Kong 2 in order for everything to much more entertaining next time.

Combo in the Congo

Being able to swing on vines and smash through obstacles with a power dash is all well and good, but these aren't exactly original ideas in the extremely diverse world of the endless running genre. What Banana Kong 2 needs are game mechanics that go beyond the usual, above the expected: it needs some sort of flashy combo system to keep up with any of its rivals. By combo system, I simply mean the ability to string two or more moves together to result in a cool-looking move or set of moves that is/are recognised by the game which then gives you more points or rewards for your efforts.

While having combo moves that equal the complexity of say, Mortal Kombat finishers may indeed be a little bit of a stretch here, there's still room in Banana Kong 2 for a bit more diversity in the moves department. Instead of simple jumping and gliding, there needs to be more moves that utilise the touch-screen capabilities of modern mobile devices, such as various flips and jump variations that each have unique (or even custom) swipe gestures to initiate them. Having more moves and introducing combinations will instantly increase the entertainment value of Banana Kong 2, making it a better sequel and also a game that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the competition instead of sitting firmly in the middle being average at best.

Take the Scenic Route

One thing that developers FDG Entertainment were definitely going in the right direction with was the diversity in the scenery displayed in the original Banana Kong game. Dashing at the right time would allow you to ascend to the treetops or descend to the depths of the caves in the original; this idea needs developing in Banana Kong 2. Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution is a game that allows you to morph into different animals and run through different environments, so why can't Banana Kong 2 run along these lines?

The potential is almost limitless when it comes to introducing new scenery. There are plenty of environments on earth that would fit very well into a game like this such as desert surroundings, arctic tundra, watery surroundings (a river, perhaps), and perhaps even an urban environment. Whatever happens, Banana Kong 2 needs to incorporate this kind of variation, and perhaps some environment-specific obstacles/challenges as well, just to break the cycle of monotony and the generic nature of the mechanics in spite of the (minimal) change of environment in the original Banana Kong.

Music is Muchos Importanté

It might not be a big issue for some, but it you're going to be spending as much time playing Banana Kong as is required to actually make any real progress with your score, then the least the developers could do is include music that isn't the audio equivalent of having a hole drilled into your temple ever so slowly but surely. With games like Donkey Kong to compare it to, Banana Kong really doesn't stand up in the music department: a new soundtrack would be much appreciated.