Banana Kong Mobile App Game

Banana Kong Mobile app game

Take a ride through the jungle, caves and treetops.

Play as Kong, Banana Kong.

Run, jump, bounce and swing on vines as you help Banana Kong to outrun a huge banana avalanche. Keep full control with highly responsive single-finger tap and swipe controls.

Ride the boar or fly with the toucan to overcome dangerous obstacles like massive boulders, crocodiles, piranhas and boiling lava. Nature can be a cruel enemy...

While you dash through the jungle you'll be able to outrun your friends. Thanks to full Game Services integration you can see your friends best distance right in the game. Compare your high scores and unlock achievements while improving your playing style.

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Banana Kong - It's No Donkey Kong, but the endless-running antics of Banana Kong are just as simian as its Nintendo counterpart.

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Going Ape for Monkey Puns

While endless runners are becoming so common that their value should really be reduced to being literally a dime for a dozen, they remain rife on the App Store and Google Play, owed to their unbelievably simple yet often unreasonably addictive gameplay. So when slipping on the banana peel of FDG Entertainment's ape-themed endless runner Banana Kong, I wondered exactly what fresh take on the genre was on offer here, if there was even one in the first place. Having spent many a consecutive hour playing through the original Nintendo-based Donkey Kong games (including Diddy's Kong Quest and Dixie Kong's Double Trouble and of course the original and best Donkey Kong Country), I assumed that there wasn't any monkeying around that could be done here that I hadn't done before. While this assumption was largely correct, I still put my iPhone down feeling more entertained than I thought I would be. Whether this is a mark of the genre or of Banana Kong specifically is the subject of this review.  

The Epitome of Endless Running

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The gameplay itself isn't any cause for dishing out medals in itself; its format is just that of a standard endless runner to be quite honest. The aim is to guide your gorilla through the jungle environment, collecting bananas and avoiding/dealing with objects and obstacles along the way. As with all endless runners, running is automatic so all you have to worry about controlling is the extra movement of your gorilla. Tap the screen to make him jump and hold down your finger to make the gorilla glide through the air, prolonging a jump a little and descending slowly to the floor once again. Collecting enough bananas will fill up the power bar (left-hand corner), and once you have done so you can swipe right on the screen to initiate a power-dash that gives you an immediate (yet temporary) speed boost that allows you to smash through rocks and obstacles that are otherwise insurmountable.

As anyone with experience in this genre will know, these mechanics are nothing new; it is no different to any other endless running title in this respect including browser-based offerings like Robot Unicorn Attack and the other games in this series. Still, the mechanics are simple, effective, and make for quite an addictive experience. Tap to jump, hold to glide, swipe right to power dash, and swipe down to drop down a level if you're the kind that likes to explore the various platforms you'll be encountering along the way.

Dashing to Scenic Diversity

Banana Kong Mobile app game: Dashing to Scenic Diversity

It isn't simply dashing through the jungle, jumping, collecting, and repeating however: there's a little variation to spice things up a little bit. For example you can dash in order to swing on some vines in the style of Donkey Kong Country (minus the cool music however), scaling the treetops and having a right old time up there. Likewise, you can charge into a cave to change the scenery to an underground world where the mechanics are identical but your surroundings are more diverse than the standard jungle.

No game would be complete without some power-ups to give you a sense of progression, so Donke.. I mean Banana Kong allows you to spend collected bananas on enhancement items such as rainbow bananas, increased glide time and magnets for attracting more bananas, (these must be those nickel, cobalt, or iron bananas that are so common in the virtual jungle); there are also utilities such as extra lives and power-boost boosters as well.

Fruitless Search for Originality

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There's nothing bad about Banana Kong to speak about. What it does it does quite well, but the gameplay doesn't offer anything that hasn't been seen or done before in other endless runners of the likes of the hugely popular Subway Surfers, or any endless running game for that matter. The graphics are solid, the artwork is decent in its illustrated-cartoon style, and the physics are as expected from a game in this genre.

Power-ups are provided but not revolutionary however, and not only are the achievements a feature you'll see in every other game of this type, but they are also the only real driving force in the game. Sure, the power-ups lure you in somewhat by making you chase then next 1000 bananas to improve your next run, but this is an endless cycle in a game where the only endless thing should be the running itself. There needs to be a little more originality if there is ever to be a Banana Kong 2, and perhaps a little less squeezing of your wallet for the purchase of premium currency as well.


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