Battle Monkeys 2 Mobile App Game

Not wanting to be the Second Banana?

Virtual board games are rarely seen on mobile gaming devices. But with the huge demand for games from different genres on Smartphones and Android devices, it was only a matter of time before a game like Battle Monkeys took a percentage out of the mobile gaming market. 

Battle Monkeys 2 Mobile App Game

The first Battle Monkeys game gave us a taste of what our beloved board games would be like if they were to be played on the go, instead of indoors with family and friends. While we thoroughly enjoyed the first game, there were some aspects of the game that we felt were not done properly. This article contains some of our opinions and suggestions that we feel can make the sequel even better than the first game. 

A New Coat of Fur

Battle Monkeys was already a decent looking game, with its colorful and detailed graphics. Despite all this, the game suffered from some painful and boring animations. We recommend that the game’s developer focuses more on Battle Monkey’s animations and should increase the speed of the gameplay.

They should also add more types of apes and monkeys to the mix to give players a bigger selection of playable characters to choose from.

More Vines to Swing On

The first game only has one scene where players can battle it out on. Battle Monkeys 2 should have multiple stages and levels, each one having a different theme. Adding a multi-leveled stage would certainly add a lot of strategy to the next game.

Battle Monkeys 2 should have more abilities, weapons and skills available for the players to operate. They could even make some of them specifically unique to a certain stage, for example a Blizzard spell attack that is only usable on stage with snow in them.

Each playable character should have an extraordinary talent or skill. In the first game, the different types of apes and monkeys that were available as playable characters only served as an avatar and did not seriously affect the gameplay. In Battle Monkeys 2, each one should have an ability unique to them, this will add more strategy to the game.

The game’s developer should also include some kind of interactivity between the stages and the players. They could put in some vines in the game that the players can use to go to different parts of the stage or some barrels that can be pushed towards an opponent.

An in-game Help menu should also be available in Battle Monkeys 2. We were genuinely annoyed the first time we played Battle Monkeys, mainly because we did not know what the icons on the tiles in the game meant. While some of them were easy to identify, some were not. It took us quite a bit of time to understand each icon and work out what they do.

Battle Monkeys 2 should also have more game modes available for both single and multiplayer. A game mode such as a Survival Mode where you must survive multiple opponents – more than 4 enemies, at the same time would be extraordinarily tough.

One of the things that keeps  us playing games these days are the Achievements or Trophies that unlock whenever we do something in the game. Battle Monkeys had some of the most ridiculously easy to unlock achievements, and we want the next game to give us more difficult ones.

Waiting for the next Banana to ripen

Battle Monkeys 2 might still be a long way from being released, and it might be a totally different game than we have imagined or hoped for. Still, it is one of  our most highly anticipated games for next year. We just hope that it lives up to its predecessor’s success and doesn’t fall on a banana peel and fall. 

We have written an article on what we would like Geek Beach to introduced into Battle Monkeys 2. Why not join in the discussion with us?

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