Battle Monkeys Mobile App Game

Battle Monkeys mobile app game

In a world where monkeys rule, there is only one way to find out who's the boss... Fight!

In this awesome 3D multiplayer game, you control a small army of monkey warriors and battle against other contestants in a live fight for your life.

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Battle Monkeys has not yet been developed for Windows Phone and currently there is no news as to when it will be. We will bring you updates here when there is any news.

In Depth Review

Battle Monkeys’ graphics consists entirely of polygons and textures. Since the game takes place on a three-dimensional grid-like map, everything needs to be represented with depth and detail. Sadly, the game takes place in one place only, which makes it a bit tedious to look at.

The characters in the game are all primates, hence the name Battle Monkeys. Players start off as the smallest and most common type of primate in the animal kingdom. While you can unlock other types of monkeys and apes in the game, we think it a bit pointless to do so since they do not have anything specific to offer except for their appearance. Each primate was meticulously created to make them look real and believable.

Animations in the game seem a bit stiff and uninspired. The monkeys and apes in the game move like molasses, especially if we compare the characters  to the creatures upon whom they are based on, which are known to be quick and agile. Do not expect to see much realism when it comes to the animations of the characters in this game. 

Call of the Wild

Battle Monkeys Game: Customise your monkey

The game has a very distinct theme when it comes to its music and the person who did the soundtrack of the game was able to capture it quite well. The jungle music that we hear in the game gave us the feeling of walking in a jungle filled with wildlife and dense vegetation. The smart use of different musical instruments added not just to the game’s audio appeal but to the player’s immersion in the game’s world as well.

Since Battle Monkeys is a game that has different types of apes and monkeys as playable characters, we want them to have different types of voices or sounds. While each primate in the game has a unique voice, they seem to share some sound effects also. It sounds really weird to hear the same death cry or the same chanting from creatures that does not have the same voice.

Other sound effects in the game are pretty good, especially the sounds that come from spells and weapons. Each sound effect in Battle Monkeys is crisp, clear and recognizable. We really love hearing the cracking of thunder as lighting cooks our foes to a crisp.

Battling for Ape Supremacy

Battle Monkeys Game: battle for supremacy

Since Battle Monkeys is a turn based virtual board game, want to spend a lot of time as you try to build strategies and outwit your opponent. Players must take turns as they move on a grid-like map with multiple blocks. Each block has an icon that signifies a particular skill or ability, and can be activated by stepping on them. Players can activate either an offensive attack or a passive ability – which grants different bonuses such as increase damage.

You can also use different equipment to help you conquer your enemies. Clubs, poison blow darts and even firearms are available in the game. Shields can also be acquired and can be  real life savers since they can save you against pretty much any kind of attack. Make sure to remember the icons on the blocks that represent each kit so that you can easily obtain them when they appear.

There are also dangerous blocks that appear on the map. These blocks should be avoided since they can cause damage to your character. Always remember to stay clear of the blocks with an icon that looks like a red splatter. Players can use these dangerous blocks against their foes by either pushing them on the block or by putting your opponents to sleep until the dangerous block moves under their feet.

Whenever two players move on the same block they must roll the dice in order to see which one gets to stay on the block. The player who gets the higher number wins and he gets to shake his opponent off the block, causing both damage and degradation. This phenomenon can actually be very helpful since you can set up high damaging combos with it, especially if you have a melee weapon like a club/mace equipped. Sometimes if the player is really lucky, the enemy who was pushed off the block would land on a hazardous block, which will create further damage. We were able to kill one of our opponents in one go thanks to this setup.

Players earn gold coins as they win matches in Battle Monkey. These rewards can be used to purchase costumes for your characters. They can also be used to unlock other playable  characters in the game. Premium items are also available and can be purchased online. One of the things we really like about Battle Monkeys is that you are not required to purchase premium items - unlike other online games out there. Pretty much all the unlockable items and characters can be purchased using real gold coins that you get from playing the game.

Battle Monkeys Game: multiplayer

Battle Monkeys also has an extensive multiplayer mode, where players can compete against their family and friends. Players will be able to participate in different modes of play, such as battle ranking and can earn their place in the game’s online leader board. You can also earn tons of gold by winning the Double Coin challenge.

As you play Battle Monkeys, make sure to read through the helpful tips that are posted on the game’s loading screen. These hints will give you some useful information on how things work in the game, such as which opponent will be targeted by the meteorite spell since the player does not get the option to choose for himself.

Crowning King Kong

Board games are usually played in real life and with real people. Seldom do we see these types of games being played online since the experience is not really the same compared to playing it with people in the same room. Virtual board games are still pretty fun though, even if you play them with an AI or someone from across the country. Geek Beach's Battle Monkeys is one example of a virtual board game done completely right. With its fun and addictive gameplay, the game is highly recommended to anyone who wants to play a board game on the go. Battle Monkeys will surely provide dozens of hours of gameplay, thanks to its multiplayer game modes and unlockable items. Players will also be kept busy as they try to gain all the game’s achievements and trophies. We award Battle Monkeys a golden banana and a score of 85/100.

We have written an article on what we would like Geek Beach to introduced into Battle Monkeys 2. Why not join in the discussion with us?

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