Monkey Flight Mobile App Game

Monkey Flight mobile app game

Launching Jabbering Monkeys from a palm tree has never been this fun... and harmless!

Use your catapulting skills to become the King of the Jungle, but watch out for dirty mud pools and ouchy rocks, or you might end up as the troop's back scratcher or tree shaker.

This is Jungle Catapulting at its best!

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"Flexible palm trees, flying monkeys, calypso music and baby elephants. What more could you possibly ask for?"

Enjoy another Donut Games release!

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Windows Phone Version?

Monkey Flight has not yet been developed for Windows Phones and currently there is no news as to when it will be. Please check back for updates when they come available from Donut Games.

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Monkey Flight – Make the RSPCA go ape over this simple and undemanding monkey launch game for your mobile device

Monkey Punt

Forget about going on safari or popping to the zoo to go and see some monkeys; this is way too unoriginal of an experience in this day and age. Unfortunately, in this age of hashtags, YOLO, and other such facepalm-inducing monstrosities of the modern English language, your nearest monkey experience is available to enjoy right in the palm of your hand via your choice of mobile device, and Monkey Flight is going to be at the centre of it all. That’s right, no more zoo for you, it’s Donut Games’ Monkey Flight or nothing, and you’ve got a monkey that appears extremely (and hopefully) eager to travel as far as possible through the air to collect all manner of fruit along the way. Just aim, power-up, and launch, and the rest is up to physics and a few taps of the screen for a cheeky boost when it is really needed. Nature most certainly does get better than this, but show me a zoo where you can punt a monkey a thousand meters into the distance without fear of moral outrage and huge personal guilt for almost certainly killing monkey and I’ll gladly pass on this game, but not a moment before.

Can’t See the Fruit from the Trees

To get around to actually launching the monkey you simply have to tap on the screen and hold until the power reaches the desired level as well as moving your finger to send the monkey flying at whichever angle you also wish him to travel. Once you let go of the screen, the tree will release its stored energy and launch the monkey into the air where you will see him glide and then tumble to the ground, collecting various bits of fruit along the way and also bumping into various things, some of which are helpful and some are hindrances. Encountering a cloud or an elephant on the way for example will cause you to spring back with some force and acquire more distance, whereas splashing into a puddle of mud will cause you to almost instantly stop and end the round. You can also tap the screen to make the monkey release a gust of impolite air (i.e. farting) to give him a little mid-air boost, though this is something you’re unlikely to see in your average monkey sanctuary

Unfortunately, the above description really is all that there is to the game, with the general aim simply being to collect as many items of fruit and travel for as big of a distance as you can possibly manage. This isn’t an original concept because launch games have been around for a good while now, but you would expect more from a game that has been ported to mobile devices, and this one simply just doesn’t deliver. Unlike the comparatively more mature Monkey Quest, this game is more likely targeted towards the younger audiences who would likely be content to repeatedly launch a monkey into the air over and over again, but even for the younger crowd, this game really isn’t worth paying actual money for because it lacks upgrades, levels, and variation in general, which is a complete faux-pas in the competitive world of app-based gaming.


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