Super Monkey Ball 3 Mobile App Game

The Ball just keeps Rolling On

The Super Monkey Ball series has been entertaining video game fans for more than a decade until now. This highly popular platforming/puzzle game series was first released in 2001 and had numerous incarnations on multiple consoles and other gaming devices. The game offers easy yet addictive gameplay that provides fun and enjoyment to gamers of all ages and genders. 

Super Monkey Ball 3 Game

Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition was later released for IOS and Android devices, and was the  series’ first gaming venture on mobile devices, other than those made for Nintendo’s handheld gaming systems. This opened up a new gaming market for the Super Monkey Ball franchise, and we are looking forward to the game’s third installment, which we assume will also be available for IOS and Android devices. While waiting for  Super Monkey Ball 3, we have listed some of the things we would like to see in the next game.

Filling Up a Deflated Ball

Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition does not slouch when it comes to the graphics. The game has taken full advantage of the power that modern mobile devices have, and this has resulted in a game that looks terrific and enticing. We expect the third game to have better quality in terms of detail and overall game design. The game’s developer should also strive to make Super Monkey Ball 3’s stages more interactive and touch screen friendly.

They should also redo the designs of the playable characters of the game since they have been using the same designs for over ten years now. We are not saying that we want new characters in the game, but rather we want to see the existing characters to look different.

Sounds Like a Ball

We noticed that some of the sound effects were either toned down, or  removed in Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition. We expect to hear better sounding sound effects in the next game to compensate for the last game’s audio shortcomings. We also expect to hear some new music in the third game, since the tunes in the game are becoming stale from overuse.

Bouncing the Ball Three Times

Despite being more than ten years old, the Super Monkey Ball series has not evolved much in terms of gameplay. We want the series to at least show some signs of progression when it comes to its gameplay. Adding some more touchscreen related gameplay should spice things up in the game. 

The playable characters in the game should have their own unique ability or skill. These abilities would not only help them go through the game’s obstacles but would also differentiate the characters from each other. Adding some new playable characters in the game would also give it more replay value, since players would need to have different strategies for each character.

Additional game modes are always welcome when it comes to a game’s sequel. As long as the new game modes offer something fun and fresh, we do not care if it's overly complicated or has been taken entirely from a different game.

An online multiplayer should also be added in Super Monkey Ball 3. Nothing beats the feeling of competing against a human opponent, especially if that opponent is millions of miles away from you. An online leader board should also be added so that we can keep track of our scores and know how well we are doing compared to other players from around the world.

Unlockables and secrets were the reason people played back then, now it is all about the Achievements and Trophies. We would like to see all of these things merged into one so that we can keep on playing the game as well as still getting that satisfaction of accomplishing something other people have not yet done.

Passing the Ball to the Next Game

When Super Monkey Ball 3 arrives, we will certainly look for the things we have recommended and hope that the game’s developer listens to some of our suggestions. We are not saying that the things we have listed are facts and that our opinions should be the ones that get followed, it is just that we would be happy to know that the game we love so much is finally changing and evolving, whether or not the changes are suggested by us. 

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