Bloons Game

About the game

The monkey balloon game series was developed by two brothers in California who call themselves the Ninja Kiwi. This version, the original, was a huge success almost from the start in 2007, although the brothers had a few disappointments on their earlier learning curve of game development. This success lead to other renditions of the game and development continues.

The games are available for all platforms, whether the platform is on the computer, game console, or phone based and they rely on the childhood fun of popping balloons, one which many of us can relate to. As we proceed through the first monkey balloon game we meet with a number of different obstacles, a number of different balloons, some good, some bad, and some of which play either role depending on the level being played. The player will come across solid walls, rubber walls, pin, bomb, Pac-Man, ice, and a few other types of bloons, all of which need to be played to their advantage.

During the game the feature character is the Monkey who fires darts at the bloons. The control of the dart throw is fairly straightforward but a little difficult to master. The player has control over the power of the throw, and there is a red arrow which lengthens to give a guide, and one also has control of direction. Sometimes it can be a little easier to move the mouse curser to the target area for the shot to give a better idea of exact direction.

There are 50 levels in the original format of the game, although some versions designed for phone applications or game consoles have a greater number. For the purposes of this article we will assume the PC version.

One of the major differences between this and other flash games is that you don't run out of lives. Yes, you run out of darts, but you can either replay a level or switch to unlimited darts, which is a bit too much of a cheat for this writer.

Also on the PC version of the monkey balloons game you can select which levels you want to play, missing some if you wish, or going back to them later.

As with many flash games, this is very addictive and the player needs to finish the proverbial "to-do" list before embarking on a game otherwise it likely won't be completed as planned. It would make an excellent commute game on a handheld, or phone though, although the porting from flash game hasn't brought any more bells and whistles, which may be in its favor as the original flash is so popular still.

Back to the PC; the additional special balloons are introduced on varying levels so it is a natural progression. Level 9 of the monkey balloons game sees the introduction of the rubber wall which is fun, yet skill is needed. Levels 23 and 30 are two of the more difficult levels, but this writer feels level 47 is the most challenging. Thankfully the game developers have mixed in some easier levels along the way, so the game is not a linear progression of difficulty but each level brings its own interests and skill set. Enjoy, this is a very entertaining game.