About Monkey Balloons Insanity

This game is perhaps the most difficult variant yet, and will attempt to either drive you crazy or bring the very best of your frustrations to the surface. It is amazing how far the balloons series has come since the original concept was launched just a few years ago, in 2007.

You will need to have strong nerves and be prepared to have them tugged regularly. Of course, as with any flash game it can be highly addictive. Perhaps not the best of games to play at work, unless you have a very understanding boss who won't query your work output too deeply.

This version of balloons is available in all formats so computer, game console and phone users are all satisfied. Some of the formats come with extra levels, but we will concentrate on the PC version here. As with other games in the series there are 50 levels and control is straightforward with the mouse.

You press the left mouse button, take aim, and pull back for more power. Once you are happy with the potential dart trajectory just release the mouse button and our dear friend the monkey will throw the dart. Balloons insanity is called "Insanity" for a good reason, you really do have your work cut out to conquer the 50 levels, and playing this game might indeed drive you insane. It would be our recommendation that the player play one or two of the other variants prior to accepting this challenge, unless you really are brave. Are you?

All of the favorite parts of the monkey balloons insanity are present, pins, bombs, ice, mines, plenty of specialist Bloons to help, or hinder, you as the game progresses. Likewise the familiar walls are there, solid, rubber and brown bricks. The player may wish to try this with the usual unlimited darts option, at least it gives you a better idea how to get through each level, but finishing the game with the darts allowed is hard.

Additional on this game are floating bloons, the multi-colored ones and also thin rubber bouncers. These act the same way as a regular rubber wall section but are only thin and are placed at angles. We also see the return of the lightsabre, and the timing of use is even more critical than usual.

Another new addition is the superdart bloon. We also see the usual single and triple dart bloons, timing of when to hit these is vital for completing the levels. The newest addition to the specialist bloons will allow you to use a special dart next throw which has excellent properties. This new "Insanity" game will puzzle you, frustrate you, make you want to pull your hair out and generally do everything possible to defeat you and our beloved monkey. Can you actually do it without looking for the monkey balloons walkthroughs?