About Monkey Balloons Player Pack 2

Ninja Kiwi and their BloonsWorld bring us a collection of mainly player designed levels in the Player Pack 2 edition. The player made bloon levels are increasing in popularity and there is now a large population of budding game level players who are turning their skillful hands to making their own levels and, if selected, sharing them with others in the player pack series from Ninja Kiwi.

Some of these player designed levels are surprisingly difficult and one or two seem to be specializing in making them as hard as possible, but there are always the walkthrough videos and articles to help.

The balloons regulars are back, ice bloons, triple darts, lightsabre, mines, bombs, the ever faithful Pac-Man all make their return as do solid walls, rubber walls and brown bricks which can be shot out of the walls. Once more we welcome our ever popular monkey who is anxiously awaiting his time to begin throwing darts and popping bloons.

With a couple of the levels on this balloons game the monkey could use a "duck" feature as the darts end up very close to him, wouldn't want to have a wounded monkey. As with previous versions, despite being player designed levels, the brothers have compiled this pack as a mixture of easy and hard so the progression is not linear, giving the player a little respite between different skill and frustration levels.

The controls of the monkey balloons player pack 2 are just the same as those found in other versions of the game, mouse click left and hold to direct and make the dart being thrown more powerful. The red arrow which appears guides the player as to the power of the throw. When you release the mouse button the dart will be thrown by the monkey in the direction the player has indicated and at the power set by the mouse drag.

The arc taken by the dart is a good reflection of the powers of gravity and the way a conventional dart would react when thrown. As before, when the Pac-Man blooms are released the arrow keys "steer" the Pac-Man and he has a limited time available to use his power to eat almost everything in front of him, other than the fixed silver walls.

We decided that we will review the PC version of this multi-platform game again as that version is the most popular. Again, there are 50 levels and each has a target number of bloons to pop, although there are more than 50 levels on some formats, the 50 remains constant on the PC one.

The most difficult levels in this monkey player pack are 15 because it is complex, 30 because you only have one dart and have to align it perfectly to have the arc path correct and 34 because you have no special bloons to help get the numerous regular ones. However, staying with the original concept the player can repeat or skip levels or opt for the easy way out and use unlimited darts in monkey player pack 2.

When you have completed this pack why not try monkey player pack 3.