About Monkey Balloons Player Pack 3

Player Pack 3 comes as another mainly player developed set of levels from Ninja Kiwi based in California similar to the player designed levels in the Player Pack 2 edition. The levels which are made by other players are still increasing in popularity and there are now many more players eager to try their skills at developing levels and sharing them with other enthusiasts in the player pack series from Ninja Kiwi.

The brothers now have another additional website with better coding software to assist the amateur developers. As previously some of the player designed levels are quite difficult and players seem to be challenging each other to see who can develop the hardest one. As with any of the Bloon games there are articles and the walkthrough videos to assist.

We decided we will again review the PC version of this game as that version is the most popular despite it being available for all platforms. All of the monkey balloon game favorites return, ice bloons, triple darts, lightsabre, mines, bombs, and Pac-Man are all back in this game.

Solid walls, rubber walls and brown bricks which can be shot out of the walls also return. The fun loving monkey who is as popular as ever is waiting to begin throwing darts and popping bloons. Again, some of the darts end up perilously close to the monkey, but don't worry they don't hurt him. The player designed levels have once again been compiled by the Harris brothers as a mixture of easy and hard so the progression of skills and features is random through the levels of play in Player Pack 3.

The controls are the same as those found in previous monkey balloon games, click and hold the left mouse button to direct and increase the power with which the monkey throws the dart. The red arrow which appears helps the player judge the power of the throw is once again here. Upon release of the mouse button the monkey happily throws the dart in the direction the player has chosen and at the power level induced by the mouse drag.

The arc taken is an even better interpretation of the natural arcs and speeds traditional darts take when thrown. Pac-Man bloons are released when hit and again the keyboard arrow keys direct the Pac-Man. As usual, he has limited time available to eat almost everything in front of him, except for fixed walls. Again, there are the normal 50 levels, each with a target number of bloons to clear.

There are, in fact, more than 50 levels in some of the ported monkey balloon player pack formats, but the 50 remains a constant on the PC one. The most complex level in this pack is level 18 because it is so full, but what a wonderful explosion if you aim correctly. The very next level, 19, is quite difficult because you are using multiple bounce walls to get the dart to its destination, a skill which will be useful later in the game.

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