About Monkey Balloons Player Pack 4

Welcome to yet another in the Balloons Player Pack series of games which are quite similar to the player designed levels in the previous Player Pack editions. Some levels are again quite difficult to master, although there are the usual articles and the walkthrough videos available to help the player resolve any levels which are found to be just a little too frustrating.

Again we will review the PC variant of Monkey Balloons Player 4 because that version is the most popular although it is available for all the usual platforms. Our monkey is again waiting and is eager to participate in the fun by throwing darts and popping bloons. All of the game favorites return, ice bloons, triple darts, lightsabre, mines, bombs, and Pac-Man are all present in this game. Solid walls, rubber walls and brown bricks which can be shot out of the walls are also here to hinder, or help in completing certain levels.

Additional on this game are floating bloons, which are multi-colored ones and also thin rubber bouncers. These act the same way as a regular rubber wall section but are only thin and are placed at angles. Another new addition is the superdart bloon. We also see the usual single and triple dart bloons, timing of when to hit these is vital for completing the levels.

The newest addition to the specialist bloons will allow you to use a special dart next throw which has excellent properties. The controls are the same as those found in previous games, click and hold the left mouse button to direct and increase the power and the monkey throws the dart. The red arrow which appears helps the player judge the power of the throw is once again a feature.

The arc taken in Monkey Player Pack 4 copies the natural speed and arc trajectory darts take when thrown almost exactly. When hit by a dart the Pac-Man is released from his Bloon, again the keyboard arrow keys direct him on his search of food. Remember though, he has limited time to eat and has certain things he can't eat, such as fixed walls. The usual 50 levels are given, each with a target number of bloons to 100% complete the level. In some of the ported versions for other playing media there are additional levels, but the 50 levels remains a constant on the PC version.

Level 13 is quite frustrating because you have no special bloons to help and you have to rely on the new thin rubber. Level 22 is more a case of luck than skill and may need the repeat button, but eventually it will work. Level 33 lives up to its name of "Extremely Hard'. Again a bit of trial and error needed on this level. Level 39 requires a lot of concentration in moving the Pac-Man quickly enough to catch one of the floating monkey balloons.

Once again, the game is fun to play and both highly entertaining and addictive as it follows the original successful idea, where the player can repeat or skip levels, or use unlimited darts. Once you have mastered this player pack I recommend you move onto bloons player pack 5.