Monkey Balloons Player Pack 1

Ninja Kiwi, who developed the original Bloons enjoyed such huge success with it with a few weeks of the launch in April 2007 they immediately realized other variations would be needed to satisfy a seeminglyendless hunger for balloon popping flash games.

They had tried several different styles of flash games without much success and eventually one of their wives suggested the popping of balloons as a good childhood pastime. In fact, the original Bloons was so popular that during the first year the advertising revenue exceeded $3M.

Bear in mind this development was some years after the implosion of the dotcom bubble and you will see the huge success the two brothers have been blessed with. In a similar way to Facebook , Google and more, this was originally a bedroom hobby, since then the brothers have left their full time jobs, now work four days a week and have moved to a "real" office, now even employing a software engineer.

Not bad for a three year track record. Monkey Balloons Player Pack 1 is one such incarnation. In this game we see the return of all the popular features from the original including pin, bomb, boomerang, Pac-Man, along with the usual walls, both rubber and fixed. The ice bloons make a comeback and with this game we see the introduction of the "lightsabre" ones.

The new introduction, lightsabre clears the bloons in a straight line at both sides of it. In direct contrast to the original game, with this one level 50 is an absolute nightmare to complete. Once again, this game is available for all platforms, computer, game console and phone applications but we will again just consider the PC version as it is still the most popular.

Many of the levels in this and subsequent versions are made by other game players, and there is a website run by the brothers which enables a potential level developer to try their hand. As the levels are made by players they do tend to be a little more difficult than the original version, indeed some would say FAR more difficult, at least with the final ten or so.

If all else fails, look for a monkey balloons player pack 1 walkthrough, but try each level yourself first otherwise it takes much of the fun out of the game, although it takes much of the frustration with it. As with most flash games it is addictive, needs a certain level of skill, a lot of patience, and a fair share of luck. Once again though, you can play each level time and time again, so there is no real "game over" message which tends to make other games even more frustrating, especially if there is difficulty with one particular level.

The player also retains the option of playing the "easy" way, by choosing the unlimited darts option. Have fun with this balloons player pack 1, there are more to follow, with about 15 versions available now and more under development all the time.

After completing all 50 levels of monkey player pack 1 you should proceed onto the player pack 2.