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A Quick Guide to Happy Monkey

happy monkey game: begining

Time is of the essence, and with 'monkey go happy 1', this little phrase takes on a whole new meaning. The entire game can be finished in a single sitting - in fact, those who already know what to do would spend less than a few minutes to get from start to finish. But like many time-based flash challenge games, the charm of Happy Monkey 1 does not rely on the length or reaching the end of the game, the game is worth playing simply because it is fun to play.

The Scenario

This flash game is a simple series of puzzles that must be finished one after another under a certain period of time. Monkey Go Happy 1 has instant challenges that you must figure out as quickly as possible. Everything is visual and you must rely on your keen sense of observation to tell you what needs to be done. Once you figure out what needs to be done, you must click on the appropriate items or elements on the screen, accomplish the objective then move on to the next challenge.

The game keeps track of how long it takes for you to solve every puzzle; this means that a little bit of haste will keep you on your toes. Also, players who want to get good ranks will want to play the game several times over to earn a top score.

The Guide

Now before we proceed, know that reading from this point onwards will spoil all the solutions to the game's puzzles. This essentially takes all the challenge and novelty away from the game, so unless you are looking up this portion to figure out the solution to a specific stage, then we suggest you try and play the game first.

1: Abandoned in an Island happy monkey game: level 1 - island

Oh no! The monkey has been left alone on the island and he is hungry! Fortunately, this tropical island seems to have fruit bearing trees. Click on the coconut on the tree to make it fall, then use the knife to chop it open.

2: Fireworks happy monkey game: level 2 - fireworks

It is time for a celebration and the monkey wants to light up the sky, help him out by using the firework. Open the matchbox to grab a matchstick, then click on the side of the box to light it. Once the matchstick has lit up, ignite the fuse on the firework.

3: Duck Shoot happy monkey game: level 3 - duck shoot

It is the circus and the shooting gallery is a great way to earn a quick souvenir. Using the rifle, carefully hit every single moving duck in the shooting gallery. A little bit of timing is required here as the ducks move at various speeds. Try to lead the shot by aiming the cursor just ahead of the faster moving targets.

4: Bowling happy monkey game: level 4 - bowling

Now we are off to the bowling alley and monkey needs help getting a strike. Grab a bowling ball and get ready to play! A meter will appear on the top of the screen and a cursor will be moving back and forth. Time the position of the cursor to highlight the "Strike!" area in order to finish this stage.

5: Television happy monkey game: level 5 - television

Seems like the monkey wants to watch a bit of the nature channel and it is up to you to fix things. Pick up the remote control, and turn on the telly by pressing the power button (the large circular button near the top of the remote). Once the TV is running, keep pressing the up button to scroll the channels until you find a signal; doing this will end the stage.

6: Crane Game happy monkey game: level 6 - crane game

These amazing arcade machines promise a special toy gift for talented players, and monkey wants that gift! Grab a coin from the sack and drop it into the machine's slot. Afterwards, press and hold the left arrow to make the crane move towards the monkey stuffed toy. Release the button when you are on top of the toy then press the down arrow in order to have the crane grab the toy.

7: Cannon Fire happy monkey game: level 7 - cannon fire

It is target shooting time and there is a massive cannon with a matching bull's eye target just waiting for you and monkey. To start, you must first align the cannon, click on it three times to get it propped up at the correct angle. After this, grab a cannonball from the stack and place it at the cannon's nozzle. Once this has been set up, grab the torch and light the cannon's fuse for a great winning shot.

8: Wall Puzzle happy monkey game: level 8 - wall puzzle

Monkey has found an interesting puzzle on the wall for you to figure out. To finish this puzzle, you must align four square images until they form the image of a grouchy monkey in a suit with travelling bags. Clicking on the four different squares will ro10: tate the pieces individually. The upper left should have the face, the upper right has an ear, the lower left shows a leg and a hand holding a bag, and the lower right has the body and another suitcase.

9: Rube Goldberg Mechanics happy monkey game: level 9 - Rube Goldberg Mechanics

Monkey wants a gift, and you must assemble a Rube Goldberg machine to help him open it. Start this stage by grabbing any piece from the top and bringing it down to the appropriate shadow. After you match all the pieces, click on the little blue sphere just above monkey to get the ball rolling - literally.

10: Whack the Mole happy monkey game: level 10 - whack the mole

Monkey is playing whack-a-mole and it is up to you to pound these little critters as fast as you can. This one is a little straight forward, but takes a bit of time to master. The point of the puzzle is to simply whack each mole as it pops out of its hole. To get this done efficiently, try to memorize the pattern and get your cursor in position ahead of time.

11: Ball in Balloon happy monkey game: level 11 - ball in balloon

Monkey's ball is inside a balloon and he needs a bit of help to get it. To do this, you must pop the balloon with a needle, but this cannot be done without first finishing the maze. Simply guide your mouse cursor through the maze until you reach the needle -but be careful! You must reach the needles without hitting the walls or else you have to repeat the maze!

12: Crack the Safe happy monkey game: level 12 - crack the safe

Open the digitally locked safe to make monkey happy! To do this, you must first figure out the code. Fortunately, the code is already written on the walls: 2, 4, 9 and 7. Simply press those numbers in the right sequence and the safe will open.

13: Christmas Tree

It is time for the holidays and you need to help monkey set up the tree! First, grab the tree from the background and plant it in the pot. Second, pick up the tassels (there are three of them) and place them on the tree. Do the same with the three colored balls. Finally, top off the tree by picking up the star and placing it on top. A small power plug will appear which you can insert into the wall outlet; plug it in and you have finished the game!

happy monkey game: the end!

This walkthrough for the Monkey Go Happy 1 should see you through all the levels with little problem, however we advise you have a go at solving all the puzzles on your own before consulting it!.

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