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A Quick Guide to Happy Monkey 2

The monkey is back! And this time, he as a whole new set of puzzles for us to blaze through! Happy Monkey 2 game follows the monkey from the first game who is now accompanied by his much younger simian buddy. Much of the gameplay from the previous installment still remains - which is a good thing, since Happy Go Monkey has a peculiar charm that makes it worth finishing.

More Puzzles, New Rating

If you played the original game, then you already know what to expect. Happy Monkey 2 is all about figuring out visual puzzles and solving them efficiently. This means looking and observing the screen for any hints as to what the situation needs then using the various elements present in order to reach a specific objective. But while the original game focused more on speed, the sequel now makes use of the mouse clicks -to put it simply: the less number of mouse clicks you press, the more efficient you are. Think of it as golf, where the player with the least amount of strokes is the one who wins the match.

The Guide

Since Happy Go Monkey has no story or plot, the only thing the game provides is the challenge of its individual stages. That said, reading our stage guides from beginning to end will end up spoiling the game and taking away its novelty, so we really suggest that you only read this guide as a quick reference to a specific stage puzzle that you got stuck on. Also, the stages are not arranged according to their appearance in-game, so refer to the title of each stage to find the one that you want to read up on.

Space Attackers Arcade Machine happy monkey 2 game: space attacks arcade machine

Help monkey to finish the Space Attackers game! To do this, you must first get a coin from the cup and insert it into the machine. You must then click on the appropriate buttons to steer the ship and dodge enemy fire. At the same time, you must press on the center button to fire and destroy the enemy ships. Finish a couple of stages in Space Attackers and you win the round!

Dark Rainy Clouds happy monkey 2 game: dark rainy clouds

The gloomy weather has all but left monkey crying on the ground. Fortunately, solving this is easier than it looks. Simply use your cursor to push away the dark clouds, one layer after another and reveal the bright open sky behind it.

Unlit Cave happy monkey 2 game: unlit cave

You must help monkey find the exit from the dark cave. To do this, you simply have to light up the torch with the oil on the floor and the cave exit will appear.

Hot Air Balloon happy monkey 2 game: hot air balloon

Monkey wants to fly up, but the hot air balloon is tethered down to the ground. Help him out by getting the balloon to launch up into the sky. To do this, you must remove the sandbags on the balloon's carrier and remove the tethers on the left and right. This can be done in any order - simply click on the four balloons and the two tethers to get the balloon into the sky.

Forest Leaves happy monkey 2 game: forest leaves

Monkey is in the forest and something has him down -we really do not understand why. At first we thought it was tree the was cut down, but apparently, monkey is really unhappy with the leaves around him! Just click on the leaves you find in the background once they are all gone, a smile returns to monkey's face.

Central System Power happy monkey 2 game: central system power

Monkey is in front of a power terminal and he needs our help in order to switch it on. First grab the crowbar on the right side of the screen. Then use it to pop open the locked latch on top of monkey. With the panel open, you must rotate the three circles into the right direction. The proper directions are provided by the Central System Power writing - the letters E, S and W are all darker. This means that you must rotate the red switches to the east, south and west (from top to bottom). Afterwards, press down on the lever to unlock a puzzle. Click on each puzzle piece to rotate it into an upright position to finish the stage!

Final Stage: Easter Eggs

Happy Monkey 2 game introduces a new final stage for players: a special puzzle room with various interactive elements and a chance to adjust your final score before the end of the game. There is a time limit for this part of the game (three minutes) which can be seen in a countdown bar on top of the screen. Also, you will not be penalized for any clicks you make in this stage, so do not worry about clicking everywhere to find all the needed elements.

Easter eggs have been hidden all over the stage and it is up to you to find out where they all are. There are a total of 200 eggs and for every one you collect, 1 click will be removed from your count. Collect them all and monkey will be incredibly happy with you too! Here is a quick list of what you need to do to see all the eggs:

happy monkey 2 game: easter eggs

Open all the containers, shelves and drawers - this includes the two drawers in the desk in the center, the shelves on the left and right of the windows and the final shelf on the bottom of the cabinet on the left. Also, do not forget to click on the items on top of the shelf. Pull down the rope on the roof to unlock the attic. This will cause the stairway ramp to open up and drop down plenty of those much needed eggs. Lastly, do the remaining tasks:

  • Push the curtains open and break all the windows.
  • Slide the rug near the door and open the panel underneath.
  • Unlock the box on monkey's side.
  • Unlock the door with the key.

Once you have all 200 eggs or the time runs out, the stage will end and your final score will be tallied.

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