Monkey Go Happy 5 Game

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The fifth game in the series, Monkey Go Happy 5 features tonnes more tricky levels where you need to solve the puzzles to make your monkey the happiest in the world. Can you overcome this game's notoriously challenging point and click puzzles to once again cheer the most bipolar monkey up in the world. Find out now!

Monkey Go Happy 5 – More monkey-placating puzzle action to mildly test your brain power

Having presented us with the unique concept of solving puzzles for the un-saddening of a selection of seriously depressed monkeys, have since released several games based on this concept,  as well as some long-length Happy Go Monkey Marathon titles, giving us all the more reason to get solving those puzzles as quickly as we can. This time, the almost-weeping apes are back for another set of point-and-click puzzles in Monkey Go Happy 5, the latest action-puzzler with an adorably upsetting theme and a penchant for unique and head-scratching predicaments. Be warned, this title requires less scratching of the head than usual since the puzzles are as ever rather simple, but the whole thing is carried by the unusual nature of the design and those monkeys that are just so cute they might make your heart burst.


The whole game is simply a series of puzzles which you must solve while the monkey of your choosing waits in the foreground on the verge of tears, waiting for you to click various items in the correct sequence in order to use them to solve each puzzle. The whole thing runs on a point-and-click basis, with the difficulty being reduced substantially by the fact that the cursor changes when you roll over any of the items crucial to solving the puzzle. Each level involves increasingly bizarre puzzles that need solving with a series of clicks; it really is that simple.

New Monkey, Classic Style

Happy Go Monkey 5 is pretty similar to its predecessors, with the only difference being the puzzles themselves and the fact that now he have a new monkey  that we can select to sit in the foreground while we solve the puzzles.  Indeed, there is only so much you can do with the idea, and by this fifth instalment we are simply just waiting to see what different puzzles we are going to encounter next. The predicaments range from igniting dynamite to blow up some rocks and assembling a steam train from its constituent parts, to feeding a fish to a seal and giving him a ball to play with. The ideas simply become more ridiculous as the game goes on. This is not to say that the game is not entertaining however, since each of the puzzles are so insane they can’t help but be entertaining, and the loveable illustrations and music to match carry the game the rest of the way to Quality Street. If you somehow find yourself a little stumped on any one of the levels, you can always take a quick trip to the online guide to show you where you’ve been going wrong, though if you do find yourself having trouble with the puzzles it may be time to consider a hobby with less difficulty such as solving pre-solved crosswords.

Limited Fun

Happy Go Monkey 5 is as entertaining as the series has ever been. The charm of the title comes from its eccentric illustration and unusual music, and the simple-but-fun puzzles are actually quite addictive. The game is rather short, however, standing at only 15 levels long as well as a bonus stage to be unlocked by completing all of them. Because the stages are so simple, and the cursor changes to indicate usable items, the whole thing is rather straightforward and not really a challenge for anyone that is serious about their puzzle games; the mini-game is very basic as well. The game’s peculiar style is where the real entertainment comes from, however, plus you get to dress the monkeys in a selection of different hats; after all, isn’t that what we really want in any flash game?