Monkey Go Happy 6 Game

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The sad monkey is back again with stupid hats and audacious puzzles to solve.

Hat's for your monkey include a wailing blue monkey, a googly eyed chicken, a squashed brain, a gas mask and bouncing basketball. After you have chosen your crazy hat you can then choose your character with the ever expanding family to choose from including:

  • The original monkey
  • Monkeys girl friend (or wife - who know's)
  • Grandpa monkey
  • Son monkey
  • Baby boy
  • Another boy monkey with hair who features on the main intro

After choosing your hat and character your ready to go point and click on random puzzles in order to turn your sad monkey happy. Another fun monkey puzzle game by Pencil Kids.

Monkey Go Happy 6 continues the successful idea of of funny monkeys combined with point and click puzzles to deliver more light hearted fun to the internet in a way similar to other high value series such as The Several Journeys of Reemus and The Last Door. Granted the series may not have the depth of the latter two but what it lacks in content it more than makes up for in happy smiles and cute animations.