About More Monkey Balloons Game

More Bloons is similar to the player designed levels in the Player Pack 2 edition. The levels are made by other more advanced players and there are now plenty of players wanting to try their skills at developing their own unique levels. Some of the player designed levels are again reasonably difficult and the experienced builders appear to be challenging each other to see who can build the one with the largest degree of frustration built in, although there are the usual articles and the walkthrough videos available.

We will again review the PC flash game variant as that version is still the most popular, although the game is available for all the usual platforms. The popular and fun loving monkey is again patiently waiting to start throwing darts and popping bloons. The Ninja Kiwi brothers have once again managed to compile a nice mix of skill levels so the progression of skills and features is varied.

All of our favorites return in More Monkey Balloons, ice bloons, triple darts, lightsabre, mines, bombs, and Pac-Man are all present in this game. Solid walls, rubber walls and brown bricks which can be shot out of the walls are also making a comeback. The controls are as those found in previous games, click and hold the left mouse button to direct and increase the power and the monkey throws the dart accordingly.

The red arrow which appears helps the player judge the power of the throw is back again. The arc taken is a decent replica of the natural speed and arc trajectory darts take when thrown. When the special bloons are hit by a dart the Pac-Man is released and again the keyboard arrow keys direct him on his eating frenzy.

Don't forget he has limited time to eat almost everything except for fixed walls. Once again, there are the usual 50 levels, each with an ambitious target number of bloons to complete the level. In some of the ported versions for other playing media there are more than 50 levels, however the 50 levels remains a constant on the PC version. The most complicated looking level in this pack is level 17 because it is initially so full and certainly resembles a filing cabinet from which it takes its name.

The next level in more monkey balloons which may raise an eyebrow is level 24, which is quite hard because you have a screen full of Bloons and only a small handful of boomerang ones to help you. Level 22 is quite frustrating because you have no special bloons to help. Level 39 is a very hard level, even with the best of clues it seems almost impossible to completely clear the screen.

The final screen, level 50 is another of the ones which looks quite hard, but position the dart correctly and it clears in one long string of events. Once again, the game is fun to play and both highly entertaining and addictive as it follows the original successful idea, where the player can repeat or skip levels, or use unlimited darts.

If you manage to complete More Monkey Balloons why not try even more monkey balloons.