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Immerse Yourself in the Sugary Landscapes of Monkey GO Happy Candy

If you've already played a Monkey Go Happy game before, then you already know the drill. On the other hand, if you haven't tried making the chronically sad primates happy, this may be a bit tricky to do. To kick off the exploration, you'll need to pick the perfect Monkey for the job. There are a handful of choices, including a Grandpa Monkey, a freckled Monkey and even an infant. Once you've picked your favorite, you will be given a set of hats to choose from to add a sweet little detail. Following the candy theme of the game, all six are types of sweets. There's a pair of jelly beans, some pudding, a cup of ice cream, among others.

Get Candy, Go Happy

When you're ready to start, you immediately get introduced to the point and click game play. The map is divided into seven basic zones. The first one contains road signs which act as shortcuts to the puzzle areas you can travel back and forth to. There are six in total, namely, the Mint Mountain, a Candy Apple Tree, the Sugar Seesaw, the Ginger Bread Batch, a Candy Castle and an Ice Cream Corner. These connect to several sub areas that only become accessible once you acquire appropriate key items or have helped the forlorn locals of Monkey GO Happy's whimsical candy land.

You'll be able to acquire a good bulk of the Gummy Bears simply by making use of your keen eyes. Many are simply sitting in plain sight, waiting to be added to your collection. Then, there are those which require you to look a little deeper. For instance, taking a look inside trees or behind bushes will likely give you some extra Gummy Bears to add to your stash.

Completion is the Goal

Keep in mind though that the Monkeys wouldn't be happy with half a Gummy Bear collection. Actually, they wouldn't smile for anything less than a perfect 80. In order to get every single item, you'll have to go through some tricky visual puzzles. This may involve spotting clues around the game's vibrant landscapes, lending a helping hand to other hapless creatures. There's a slime missing a Popsicle as well as a clown craving for the best ice cream. There's also a tree searching for a missing apple. It'll be up to you to follow the clues in order to unlock the door leading to these key items.

Some puzzles require codes. These codes may not be on the same map as the puzzle, they could be negligible diagrams or symbols which blend in with the rest of the map elements. This gives the game just the right amount of difficulty, considering its young target market. Things never get too frustrating and there's always a "plan B". Because there is no limit to the number of times you could try cracking the codes, you could always opt to force doors open in case anything gets a little bit too difficult. Or, you could also check online for hints and solutions. Of course, it's a lot more satisfying if you do things all on your own.

Bright and Sweet

Tying in with the candy theme of the game, Monkey GO Happy Candy's graphics are bright and cheery. With a plethora of sweets littering and, basically, making up the landscapes, the illustrations are on point. The art style isn't really our thing and we really think that the Monkeys could be a bit cuter but that's nitpicking. The animation used for interactive objects are cartoony, yet they fit in with the rest of the elements quite nicely. Again, if you've seen one Monkey GO Happy title, nothing in Candy would be much of a surprise for you.

The Verdict: No Monkey-ing Around

So, should you play Monkey GO Happy Candy? If you've already enjoyed a game in the series, then you can expect more of the same blend of point and click puzzles and thematic cuteness. If that's a good thing for you, then we say go for it. In case this is the first you've heard about the family of sad primates, then we recommend giving Monkey GO Happy Candy a try. If you have a knack for solving puzzles and you pride yourself for your attention to detail, it shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes to brighten up a Monkey's day. Otherwise, just the silly landscapes alone should be worth a few minutes of your time.

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